Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random Saturday Foraging

Episode 5, in which Cheryl loses her nerve.

For class, we are asked to document our resources. I've taken that to heart and am making note whenever I see something that might be of use to fellow students, even if I don't want it. I'm also trying to document anything I pick up for myself, even if I'm not sure how I'll use it. With that goal in mind, here are the resources shown in the video:

Scottsdale Community College, behind the art building:

  • discarded gym equipment may yield interesting metal bits and other parts, but you should probably ask around and see if it's okay before just nabbing stuff
  • Desert landscaped areas contain cool natural materials, like tumbleweeds and seed pods
  • Any college campus is probably a good place to find miscellaneous stuff discarded by maintenance - I found rusty wire and wood

The former greenbelt at Chapparal & Hayden Roads in Scottsdale has lots of:

  • driftwood
  • freshwater shells
  • lost golf balls
  • the occasional dead waterfowl with pretty feathers

Camelback Road & Arcadia Lane in Phoenix:

  • red brick rubble
  • metal
  • pipe
Looks like a car wreck. I don't know if the brick is owned by a homeowner, the city, or maybe a neighborhood association, but I doubt anyone would miss a bit of it.

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